A Sleep-Inducing and Calming Health Supplement (Admin posted on December 10th, 2012 )

peak lifeMany essential nutrients are not present in the food we eat everyday, but our body needs these nutrients for it to function well and protect us from sickness. Also, with a busy lifestyle, we rarely have time to proper exercise and sleep, thus creating a more problematic issue for our body. Peak Life provides a variety of health supplements to improve our body’s work. One of these supplements is Peak Life Somnapure. Somnapure primarily helps you in falling asleep faster, longer, and fulfilling, making you wake up the next day feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Ingredients of Somnapure

One of the ingredients of Somnapure is melatonin, a naturally occurring compound found in plants, animals and microbes, and produced by the pineal gland found in the center of the brain.. This hormone, melatonin is one of the factors for the sleep-wake cycle of humans, by causing drowsiness chemically and lowering the body temperature, preparing it for a long sleep ahead.

Another ingredient of Somnapure is L-Theanine, an amino acid commonly found in teas. Early researches found that this compound has the ability to reduce mental and physical stress, and relaxes the mind, which are both essential in having a good night’s sleep.

Valerian Extract is another ingredient contained in Somnapure. This herb is processed by extraction of the liquids from the roots of the plant, then they are dehydrated to become one of the ingredient in Somnapure. It is believed to posses sedative effects, thus reducing the time for you to fall asleep.

There are other ingredients that make up the Somnapure. They are Hops Extract, Lemon Balm, Chamomile Flower and Passion Flower. These herbs improve the quality of your sleep by their naturally calming effects. They help your body relax and relieve it of stress. They also have sedative effects allowing you to fall asleep in a shorter amount of time. And making your sleep longer, adding more hours for your body’s everyday recovery from lost nutrients and energy.

Clearly, Peak Life Somnapure contains ingredients that evidently, are helpful sleep-inducing herbal remedies. They all have the capability of relaxing both your mind and body, giving way to a more fulfilling sleep. This gives the body enough time to regenerate itself, and recharge in order for you to recover energy to be used the following day after you wake up from the most wonderful sleep, with the help of Somnapure.

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